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Qatar Airways

Top 7 Reasons to Fly Qatar Airways

Top 7 Reasons to Fly Qatar Airways

For a airline that’s so young and small, Qatar Airways has made quite an impact on the global aviation scene. This is largely due to their fleet of super-efficient Airbus A320s and Boeing 777-200LR jets, both of which are configured with just 108 economy class seats. What this means is that every passenger gets plenty of legroom, perfect for those travelers who are over 5 feet 9 inches tall! This “QSuite” configuration also gives the airline a big advantage when it comes to operating high-density long-haul flights. With more than 200 passengers onboard, other airlines would have to add additional in-flight services such as meals, movies and cabins—but not Qatar Airways! They can offer cheaper tickets because they’re able to cut back on all those ancillary services. That being said, flying Qatar Airways doesn’t come without its fair share of restrictions and caveats. Here are seven reasons why you should take the plunge and fly them whenever possible:

The seats are wider than most other airlines

This is one of the most obvious advantages of flying with Qatar Airways. The airline’s A320 and Boeing 777-200LR aircraft are configured with 108 economy class seats. The average economy seat width is 18 inches. In contrast, the seat width on Qatar Airways’ A320s is more than one inch wider at 19 inches. The Boeing 777-200LR, which can fly up to 1,500 miles nonstop, has an economy class seat width of 20.8 inches, making it one of the widest economy seats in the sky.

You can earn a lot of miles with their miles program

Most carriers will let you earn miles from flying their airplanes, but the amount you’ll earn varies greatly—in fact, it can be as low as just 2 miles per one-way flight. With Qatar Airways, you can earn miles at the rate of 9 per one-way flight—which is a much higher rate and one of the reasons why it’s so important to become a member of their frequent flyer program. The best part is that you can transfer your miles to other major mileage programs like Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic. This can save you money and make traveling even more affordable.

Boarding is easy and fast

Hopefuls are allowed to stand in line at the gate before boarding begins. Passengers who have children under 5 years old, are disabled or have special needs can board the plane first, followed by passengers with higher status in the frequent flyer program. If you’re on a tight schedule, flying Qatar Airways can save you time. The boarding process is faster compared to other airlines, and there are no priority boarding lanes for frequent flyers like on some airlines.

They’re equipped with reliable on-board entertainment

One of the most important features of any flight is the in-flight entertainment system. Luckily, Qatar Airways has a wide selection of movies, TV shows and music to keep you busy throughout the flight. On their 777-200LR aircraft, the airline also offers a unique “Touch and Go” system that allows you to play games, watch movies and listen to music by simply touching the screen.

Economy class meals are included

Unlike many other airlines that charge extra for meals in economy class, Qatar Airways’ economy class passengers are served with complimentary meals. But that’s not all—their meals are also healthy, nutritious and freshly-made. Passengers in economy can select from a number of dishes, ranging from warm soups and salads to a whole-grain or rice dish. However, if you’re sensitive to heat or spicy food, you should let the flight attendants know beforehand.

The bathrooms are usually clean, but only for short flights

The good news is that Qatar Airways’ bathrooms are usually clean, whether they’re on a short or long flight. Unfortunately, this only applies to short flights—flying with them for over eight hours puts you at risk of a dirty bathroom that’s not properly cleaned. On their 777-200LR aircraft, the bathrooms are pretty spacious. They’re equipped with soap, a clean sink and a fresh supply of drinking water—perfect for hydrating and rinsing while you’re in flight.

You can earn elite status quickly

Depending on how many flights you take with Qatar Airways, you can quickly earn elite status with the airline—which means you can enjoy a wide array of benefits and privileges. These include getting priority boarding, an extra checked bag and even an upgrade to Business Class in some cases. In fact, it takes just 25 flights to earn the lowest level of elite status with Qatar Airways. You can fly as many flights as you’d like, but keep in mind that there is no maximum number of flights for earning elite status.

Bottom line

Qatar Airways is a great airline that offers high-quality service and excellent in-flight entertainment. If you’re flying long-haul, you can expect to be treated to a delicious meal, ample legroom and an in-flight entertainment system with plenty of movies, TV shows and music. Unfortunately, the airline only flies to a handful of destinations, but if you have the chance to fly them, you’ll be sure to have an experience that’s truly out of this world.

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